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Wedding videos can tell stories and show emotions which photos simply can’t. Video is special, because it doesn’t only capture one moment as a photo does, but it captures a sequence of moments. Being able to look back at the speeches of the family members or friends is truly invaluable. These days couples take it as granted that they “need” to book a good photographer for their wedding. But in my opinion, having a wedding video is just as important. I have seen some couples regret not having a video team on their wedding, but I have never seen a couple who regretted having a nice video from they wedding. If I can only give one - single - advice to any couple: don’t make the mistake of not having a video captured from your wedding.

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Is a wedding video really
necessary or having photos is

In my humble opinion, having a great wedding video is essential. Couples invest a lot of time, energy and money in their wedding. And it’s not a surprise, as a wedding is truly a lifetime event. Being able to look back to this day is really important. But memories fade with time. We forget moments, faces, feelings. We forget the little details which make us smile. So having a wedding video is like having a time machine which can bring us back to the day of the wedding. By watching the wedding video we can experience the moments and emotions again which we felt during the day. These moments can make us smile or cry, just like it happened during the wedding day.

Wedding photography is great because we can create breathtaking photos which you can print in a huge size and put it on your wall in your living room. This is something which is impossible to do with a video. But video can do something different which photography can’t - bring you back to your wedding to experience it again. Photography and video are equally important for different purposes. Having one of them is great, but having both is even better.

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